This collection contains the articles featured in FULGOR Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2002.


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Recent Submissions

  • Matelda in the Terrestrial Paradise 

    Glenn, Diana Cavuoto (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2002-03)
    This analysis of the enigmatic figure of Matelda, guardian of the Terrestrial Paradise in Dante's Purgatorio, considers both the unresolved question of Matelda's historical identity, in particular whether Dante is alluding ...
  • Alexia: Antigone Kefala's overdue fairytale 

    Tsianikas, Michael (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2002-03)
    The aim of this paper is to examine the way in which Antigone Kefala constructs her story to become an author. She narrates her experience in her book Alexia (Antigone Kefala"s persona) in a fairytale manner. In the book ...
  • The return of an English pluperfect subjunctive? 

    Fennell, Trevor Garth (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2002-03)
    The introduction of the superfluous morpheme [әv] into past unfulfilled if-clauses in modern English raises serious questions of analysis. How is one to parse a clause like: “If I had’ve known that...”? It is proposed ...
  • Reading in a foreign language: Strategic variation between readers of differing proficiency 

    Bouvet, Eric James (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2002-03)
    For university language students who are required to deal with literary texts for linguistic or literary purposes, there is hardly any transitional stage between short adapted expository texts, read in the early stages ...
  • Carlo Emilio Gadda's Luigi di Francia 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2002-03)
    The work that Gadda prepared for publication from the series of broadcasts on Louis XIII-XV of France during 1952 has largely been overlooked by critics. It is the aim of this article to show that, although there are ...