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    • 11th Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 2003 (ISMB2003) 

      Abbott, Catherine Anne (Hindawi, 2003-09)
      This report profiles the keynote talks given at ISMB03 in Brisbane, Australia by Ron Shamir, David Haussler, John Mattick, Yoshihide Hayashizaki, Sydney Brenner, theOverton Prize winner, Jim Kent, and the ISCB Senior ...
    • "1408" directed by Mikael Hafstrom [review] 

      Prescott, Nicholas Adrian (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2007-11-22)
      1408 is a puzzling film, in many ways. It’s puzzling primarily because John Cusack is in it, and it’s not a very good film. This is an oddity, in my opinion; the ever-likeable Cusack very rarely steps out of line, usually ...
    • "16 Blocks" directed by Richard Donner [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006-08-03)
      To say that audiences haven’t heard much of Bruce Willis lately isn’t quite accurate; the actor has voiced a number of animated characters recently, even if he hasn’t appeared in the visual sense terribly often. As a man ...
    • An 180 MHz 16 bit multiplier using asynchronous logic design techniques 

      Burford, Richard G; Fan, Xingcha; Bergmann, Neil W (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE Publishing), 1994)
      A CMOS digital logic design technique is described which exploits the advantages of fast precharged logic and efficient latch design commonly used in synchronous systems while maintaining the features of localized control ...
    • 2005 Reading 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (Adelaide Review, 2005-12-09)
      The best books of 2005.
    • 2006 Reviewed. 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (Adelaide Review, 2006-12-15)
      A summary of the best books for 2006.
    • 2014 Budget, policy versus politics: seven or 126 taxes? 

      Kenny, Paul (LexisNexis, 2014-05)
      The 2014 Federal Budget's budget deficit debt levy arguably takes Australia from 125 to 126 taxes. With the high probability of significant tax reform under the new federal Liberal Coalition government, it is pertinent to ...
    • ‘25 degrees of separation’ versus the ‘ease of doing it closer to home’: Motivations to offshore surrogacy arrangements amongst Australian citizens 

      Riggs, Damien Wayne (Edinburgh University Press, 2015-03)
      At present, onshore commercial surrogacy is illegal in all Australian states and territories. By contrast, offshore commercial surrogacy is legal in all bar one territory and two states. As a result, significant numbers ...
    • A 3-year follow-up study of inpatients with lower limb ulcers: evidence of an obesity paradox? 

      Miller, Michelle Deanne; Delaney, Christopher; Penna, Deanna; Liang, Lilian; Thomas, Jolene Marie; Puckridge, Phillip; Spark, James I (Dove Press, 2012-08-09)
      Objectives: To determine whether body composition is related to long-term outcomes amongst vascular inpatients with lower limb ulcers. Design: Prospective study with 3 years follow-up. Materials and methods: Body mass index ...
    • "3:10 To Yuma" directed by James Mangold [review] 

      Prescott, Nicholas Adrian (2008-02-14)
      Fifty years ago, Elmore Leonard (these days most revered as a crime writer, whose novels include Get Shorty, Out of Sight and Killshot, which has also just been filmed) wrote a short story called 3:10 to Yuma. It centred ...
    • The 3D CVE as a cross-cultural classroom 

      Wyeld, Theodor; Prasolova-Forland, Ekaterina; Chang, Teng Wen (Episode Publishers, 2006)
      Much architectural design work increasingly addresses an international audience. But many designers continue to work in isolation. In practice, however, their work includes international collaboration. This requires ...
    • 3D information visualisation: an historical perspective 

      Wyeld, Theodor (IEEE, 2005-07)
      The use of 3D visualisation of digital information is a recent phenomenon. It relies on users understanding 3D perspectival spaces. Questions about the universal access of such spaces has been debated since its inception ...
    • 3D Mapping of the Submerged Crowie Barge Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography 

      Simyrdanis, Kleanthis; Moffat, Ian Alexander; Papadopoulos, Nikos; Kowlessar, Jarrad; Bailey, Marian (Hindawi, 2018-05-08)
      This study explores the applicability and effectiveness of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) as a tool for the high-resolution mapping of submerged and buried shipwrecks in 3D. This approach was trialled through ...
    • 3D remote design collaboration: a pedagogical case study of the cross-cultural issues raised 

      Wyeld, Theodor; Prasolova-Forland, Ekaterina; Chang, Teng Wen (IEEE, 2007-04)
      Much architectural design work increasingly addresses an international audience. But many designers continue to work in isolation. In practice, however, their work includes international collaboration. This requires ...
    • "44 Inch Chest" directed by Malcolm Venille [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2010-11-12)
      I can’t quite believe that it was almost ten years ago that I was raving to everyone I knew about an independent film from England called Sexy Beast. The great Ray Winstone (who began his career on TV in Robin of Sherwood, ...
    • 5-HT3 and 5-HT4 antagonists inhibit peristaltic contractions in guinea-pig distal colon by mechanisms independent of endogenous 5-HT 

      Sia, TC; Whiting, Malcolm John; Kyloh, Melinda; Nicholas, Sarah J; Oliver, John Reginald; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Dinning, Phillip; Wattchow, David Anthony; Spencer, Nicholas John (Frontiers, 2013-08)
      Recent studies have shown that endogenous serotonin is not required for colonic peristalsis in vitro, nor gastrointestinal (GI) transit in vivo. However, antagonists of 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptors can inhibit ...
    • The $6 million net asset value test for small business 

      Kenny, Paul; Blissenden, Michael (LexisNexis, 2014-07)
      Taxpayers who seek to disregard a capital gain under the small business capital gains tax (CGT) concessions regime are likely to be audited and those who are not formally audited may face a phone review. The Australian ...
    • The 7Li(p,n)7 Be Reaction as a Source of Fast Neutrons for Smaller Compact Cyclotrons 

      Chaudhri, M Anwar; Templer, J.; Rouse, J L (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE Publishing), 1979)
      The usefulness of the 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction as a fast neutron source for applications, such as neutron therapy etc., using smaller compact cyclotrons (proton energies of up to 15-18 MeV) has been investigated by measuring ...
    • A biolistic method for high-throughput production of transgenic wheat plants with single gene insertions 

      Ismagul, Ainur; Yang, Nannan; Maltseva, Elina; Iskakova, Gulnur; Mazonka, Inna; Skiba, Yuri; Bi, Huihui; Eliby, Serik; Jatayev, Satyvaldy; Shavrukov, Yuri; Borisjuk, Nikolai; Langridge, Peter (BioMed Central, 2018-06-26)
      Background The relatively low efficiency of biolistic transformation and subsequent integration of multiple copies of the introduced gene/s significantly complicate the genetic modification of wheat (Triticum ...
    • A comparison of LKB1/AMPK/mTOR metabolic axis response to global ischaemia in brain, heart, liver and kidney in a rat model of cardiac arrest 

      Majd, Shohreh; Power, John Henry; Chataway, Timothy Kennion; Grantham, Hugh Jonathon (BioMed Central, 2018-06-19)
      Abstract Background Cellular energy failure in high metabolic rate organs is one of the underlying causes for many disorders such as neurodegenerative diseases, cardiomyopathies, ...