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    • STRmix™ collaborative exercise on DNA mixture interpretation 

      Bright, Jo-Anne; Cheng, Kevin; McGovern, Catherine; Kelly, Hannah; Moretti, Tamyra R; Smith, Michael A; Bieber, Frederick R; Budowle, Bruce; Coble, Michael D; Alghafri, Rashed; Allen, Paul Stafford; Barber, Amy; Beamer, Vickie; Buettner, Christina; Russell, Melanie; Gehrig, Christian; Hicks, Tacha; Charak, Jessica; Cheong-Wing, Kate; Ciecko, Anne; Davis, Christie T; Donley, Michael; Pedersen, Natalie; Gartside, Bill; Granger, Dominic; Greer-Ritzheimer, Mary Margaret; Reisinger, Erick; Kennedy, Jarrah; Grammer, Erin; Kaplan, Maria; Hansen, David; Larsen, Hans J; Laureano, Alanna; Li, Christina; Lien, Eugene; Lindberg, Emilia; Kelly, Ciara; Mallinder, Ben; Malsom, Simon; Yacovone-Margetts, Alyse; McWhorter, Andrew; Prajapati, Sapana M; Powell, Tamar; Shutler, Gary; Stevenson, Kate; Stonehouse, April R; Smith, Lindsey; Murakami, Julie; Halsing, Eric; Wright, Darren; Clark, Leigh; Taylor, Duncan A; Buckleton, John (Elsevier, 2019-01-15)
      In forensic DNA analysis there is valid interest in the reliability of the interpretation reported. Reliability, in part but not fully, relates to the scientific concepts of repeatability, reproducibility, and accuracy. ...