This collection contains works that discuss Dante's <em>Commedia</em> and the work of twentieth-century author Vincenzo Consolo. </body>

Recent Submissions

  • L’ordine delle somiglianze nel "Sorriso dell’ignoto marinaio" di Vincenzo Consolo 

    Coassin, Flavia (Dept. of Italian, University of Melbourne, 2003)
    In this paper the analysis of the symbolic and linguistic structures of Consolo’s text reveals its political message, specifically the role of language in constructing, and deconstructing, history and reality.
  • Matelda: Poetic Image or Archetype? 

    Coassin, Flavia (Berg Publishers, 1993)
    As their recurrence in different epochs and cultures shows, archetypal images exercise a powerful influence on imaginative and expressive modes. This essay addresses the problem, encountered by feminist critics and artists, ...
  • Female Voice - Male Rhetoric (Inferno V) 

    Coassin, Flavia (Dept. of Italian, University of Melbourne, 1994)
    We do not encounter many female characters in the 'Comedy', and this is particularly true of the first cantica, so it is significant that Francesca is, in the poem, the very first soul who speaks, just as it is significant ...
  • The Function of Lethe 

    Coassin, Flavia (Australian Humanities Press, 2000)
    When, in the last canto of the 'Purgatorio', Dante-character claims not to remember having ever estranged himself from Beatrice, she reminds him that he has just drunk of Lethe, and adds that his inability to remember is ...