Recent Submissions

  • "Foucault's Pendulum" and the Text of Theory 

    Phiddian, Robert Andrew (University of Wisconsin Press, 1997)
    Umberto Eco denies that "Foucault's Pendulum" is an allusion to the theories of Michel Foucault: 'I was aware from the very beginning that somebody could have smelled an allusion to Michel Foucault... [but] as an empirical ...
  • Are Parody and Deconstruction Secretly the Same Thing? 

    Phiddian, Robert Andrew (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997)
    In this essay, Robert Phiddian argues that Derridean deconstruction is not just a (serious) theory couched in a parodic mode (that it is a parodic theory of language), but also that it treats language and questions of truth ...
  • Irony in the Eye of the Beholder. Review of "Irony's Edge: The Theory and Politics of Irony" by Linda Hutcheon 

    Phiddian, Robert Andrew (School Humanities and Social Sciences, Monash University Gippsland, 1995)
    Hutcheon's fundamental principle, and the point which sets her work apart from the mass of formalist and intentionalist analysis of irony that has gone before, is that irony is an event which is inferred by the ...