Recent Submissions

  • The Universal Autobiographer: The Politics of Normative Readings. 

    Douglas, Kate (Australian Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology, 2002)
    In Australia, autobiographies occupy a cultural space which commonly sees them marked as socially valuable, functional texts. Autobiographies are thought to be concerned with the dominant concerns of our time, representing ...
  • Cyber-Commemoration: Life Writing, Trauma and Memorialisation. [abstract]. 

    Douglas, Kate (2006)
    In this paper, Kate Douglas explores one of the ways in which life narratives of trauma are circulating in contemporary Australian cultural landscapes: through the internet. Using the example of the Bali bombings, Dr Douglas ...
  • "Blurbing" Biographical: Authorship and Autobiography 

    Douglas, Kate (University Press of Hawaii for the Biographical Research Center, 2001)
    In the community that consumes autobiographical writing, how is the author positioned, and what are the implications of this positioning? One method for exploring the author construct and its impact upon readership is the ...