Women Playwrights International (WPI) is dedicated to planning and convening international conferences for women playwrights, which have brought together women playwrights and allied theatre artists, cultural workers and scholars together since 1986. WPI is dedicated to maintaining ongoing international Women Playwrights Conferences every three years at different locations in the world, and to facilitating communications, meetings, interchanges, and activities among the international community of women in theatre.

Recent Submissions

  • Finding Aid for the International Women Playwrights Conference Records 1984-2006 

    France, Anna Kay (Women Playwrights International, 2008)
    Records held by former University Professor at Buffalo, Anna Kay France, as related to her involvment in the 1st International Women Playwrights Conference(IWPC) held at the University at Buffalo, October 14-23, 1988. ...
  • 5th International Women Playwrights Conference and Final Report, Athens/Delphi October 2000 Eros Theatrou 

    Bakopoulou, Aliki; Triantopoulou-Capsaskis, Maria (International Women Playwrights, 2000-10)
    Conference papers: programme schedule, particiapants,key note speakers, playwrights biographies, description of plays presented, and final report of the 5th International Women Playwrights Conference held in Athens and ...
  • 6th International Women Playwrights Conference Manila 2003 

    Jacob, Malou; Natarajan, Meena; Quesada, Dessa; Estares-Saga, Gina; Belleza Lozano, Theresa (Women Playwrights International, 2003-11)
    Conference Programme for the 6th International Women Playwrights Conference held in Manila in November 2003. Featuring biographies on keynote speakers, playwrights and delegates including: Ellen Stewart, Fathia El Assal, ...
  • 7th Triennial International Women Playwrights Conference 2006 Jakarta Indonesia 

    Sarumpaet, Ratna; Hatley, Barbara; Murgiyanto, Sal; Murtiyoso, Bambang; Toha, Riris; Sommellera, Ines; Yatim, Debra (Women Playwrights International, 2006-11)
    Conference papers from the 7th International Women Playwrights Conference held in Jakarta in 2006. Includes: conference schedule; biographies of keynote speakers, playwrights and delegates; Abstracts of workshop presentations; ...
  • 3rd International Women Playwrights Conference Programme and Final Report, Adelaide 1994 

    Holledge, Julie; Tirrell, Sheree (Women Playwrights International, 1994-07-03)
    Conference Programme and final report for the 3rd International Women Playwrights Conference held in Adelaide, Australia 3-10 July 1994. Programme includes biographies and details of playwrights, keynote speakers, performances ...