This is a collection of articles from Issue Number 2, April 1975.

Recent Submissions

  • Fieldwork in North Queensland 

    Brayshaw, Helen (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Preliminary fieldwork results of shell material found in North Queensland.
  • A Preliminary report on some waisted blades found on Kangaroo Island, South Australia 

    Lampert, Ronald John (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Pleistocene Stone tools found on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, demonstrate a uniform and homogeneous technology across both New Guinea and Australia.
  • Comment on the Montagu Island Survey 

    Lampert, Ronald John (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Additional comments on the Montague Island Survey by R.J. Lampert.
  • An Archaeological Survey of Montagu Island, N.S.W. 

    Sullivan, Marjorie E (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Report on site surveys on Montagu Island N.S.W. Montagu Island, or Barunguba lies 7km from Barunga point and approximately 10 km southeast of Narooma, New South Wales. Traces of former Aboriginal occupation occur on ...
  • 46th ANZAAS Congress: Some Section 25A Papers 

    Lampert, Ronald John (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Summary of presentations at the 46th ANZAAS Conference in Canberra, January 1975.
  • Victorian Relics Office 

    Coutts, Peter J F (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Description of functions and role of the Victoria State Relics Office.
  • Research Report for 1974, by the Department of Prehistory Research School of Pacific Studies 

    Jones, Rhys (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    The Department is concerned with the prehistory of the Indo-Pacific region. During the year, research was carried out in the following areas; the original human colonisation and the later man-environment relations in south ...
  • January Meetings of the Association 

    McBryde, Isabel (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
  • Report on the Conference on Historical Archaeology and the National Estate 

    Allen, Jim (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Details of the proceedings for the Conference on Historical Archaeology and the National Estate. Development of a National Register of Historic Sites.
  • ANU Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, General Projects 

    Jones, Rhys; Polach, H A (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    The laboratory is playing an important role in a number of research projects. Indeed, there is a continuing and increasing need for laboratory generated research involving improvements in dating techniques, analysis, ...
  • Journal Notifications 

    Unknown author (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
  • The State, People and Archaeologists 

    Sullivan, Sharon (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    The conflicting demands on conservation and research; The apparently conflicting interests of archaeologists and the Aboriginal community.
  • From the 'Cultural Bind' to a solution - The survey of Aboriginal sacred sites in New South Wales 

    Creamer, Howard (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Approaches towards a solution to cultural bind. The role of the Survey of Aboriginal Sacred Sites, in renewing a cultural identity for aboriginal communities.
  • From the 'Keeparra' to the 'Cultural Bind' - An Analysis of the Aboriginal Situation 

    Kelly, Ray (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    This paper discusses the loss of culture experienced by the Aboriginal communities in the mission, rural, and urban contexts. The cultural bind experienced by the communities due to not having a future in modern western ...
  • Archaeologists and Aborigines 

    Stockton, Eugene (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Aboriginal consultation and co-operation should be sought for exhibitions and the like - after all it is their people and their culture - otherwise we display a regrettable superior attitude and bad manners.
  • Archaeologists and Aborigines 

    Moore, David R (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    Aboriginal hostility to archaeological work in Australia seem to be due mainly to lack of public understanding of what archaeology is all about. For this archaeologists themselves are chiefly to blame, because of their ...
  • Archaeology in a changing society 

    Golson, Jack (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    On the face of it archaeology should be the least politically sensitive of academic activities. The discipline however is a product of the intellectual movement in 19th century Europe and followed the flag of European ...
  • The Role of the Australian Archaeological Association 

    Crawford, Ian (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
  • Editorial 

    Lampert, Ronald John (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
  • Table of Contents 

    Unknown author (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)