Recent Submissions

  • The role of "Senex" in Kyd's 'The Spanish Tragedy' 

    Daalder, Joost (Western Michigan University Department of English, 1986)
    In the edition of The Spanish Tragedy prepared by Philip Edwards for the Revels Plays series, Act III, Scene xiii introduces a new character into the play who is called an "Old Man" when he is first referred to in the stage ...
  • Kyd's "The Spanish Tragedy", 3.6.89-94 

    Daalder, Joost (Heldref Publications, 1990)
    Lines are here quoted from the sole surviving copy of "The Spanish Tragedy" (1592), now in the British Library (shelf-mark C.34.d.7). They have proved puzzling to modern editors, and a possible "emendation" ...