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dc.contributor.authorKim, Edward
dc.contributor.authorYoung, Robyn Louise
dc.contributor.authorMerlin, Olivier
dc.contributor.authorSummerell, Gregory
dc.contributor.authorHafeez, Mohsin
dc.contributor.authorJackson, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorWalker, Jeffrey
dc.contributor.authorPanciera, Rocco
dc.contributor.authorKalma, Jetse D
dc.contributor.authorHacker, Jorg Michael
dc.contributor.authorHornbuckle, John
dc.identifier.citationMerlin, O., Walker, J., Kalma, J.D., Kim, E., Hacker, J.M., Panciera, R., Young, R., Summerell, G., Hornbuckle, J., Hafeez, M., et al., 2008. The NAFE'06 data set: Towards soil moisture retrieval at intermediate resolution. Advances in Water Resources, 31(11), 1444-1455.en
dc.titleThe NAFE'06 data set: Towards soil moisture retrieval at intermediate resolutionen
dc.subject.forgroup0502 Environmental Science and Managementen
dc.subject.forgroup0905 Civil Engineeringen
dc.subject.forgroup0907 Environmental Engineeringen
local.contributor.authorOrcidLookupYoung, Robyn Louise:

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